Hello there, I’m Catarina João

Welcome to my corner on the internet. I’m a painter of collectible figures and statues, I love to create dioramas and tiny worlds, but I also love the big stuff like props and life size replicas. The thing that all my creations have in common is that they’re all inspired by the greatest icons in pop culture.

In 2023, during Comic Con New York, I’ve launched Ifrit Studios, the first collectibles studio in Portugal. I now am the art director at the studio and in the last couple of years I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with several of the most respected brands in the industry.

I love to go live on YouTube & Twitch to show you the behind the scenes of my creations, as well as the tools and techniques I use to bring these characters to life.


I’ve been fortunate to collatorate with some of the most impactful pop culture brands in the world. These are some of my lovely partners since 2020!


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If you want a custom artwork or for business inquires and collaborations.

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